DySE::BettyMills v11.08.22 (BettyMills.com script)

This upgrade is mandatory. You must upgrade to this version. Previous versions of the make.pl script will not download the datafeed file.

Revisions Summary:
  • BettyMills.com datafeed file is now password protected. This new make.pl is able to download it.
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More info: DySE::BettyMills


Site Publisher -- FTP Software

If you have a website that has a lot of files, say over 1000 files, you'll want to consider using an FTP synchronization program to upload files.

With a "standard" FTP program, you select what files you want to upload (or download) and specify the destination directory then click the transfer button. This method is time consuming and error prone. You might forget to upload a file that you modified on your hard drive, or you might upload to the wrong directory.

In contrast, you can use an FTP program such as Site Publisher that supports file synchronization. With such a program, you click the Synchronize button and the program compares local files on your hard drive to files on your server. Files and directories that are new or changed are uploaded automatically.

I've been using Site Publisher for several years now to manage some of my larger websites. Saves me a lot of time. I simply edit local HTML files then click the Synchronization button. I know that all changes will be uploaded.

Site Publisher lets you configure a "profile" for each of your websites. In each profile, you specify FTP parameters, directory paths, synchronization rules (e.g.: should new local files be upload? should new remote files be downloaded?), exclusion lists (e.g.: ignore certain file types and directories).

There also a "Files Preview" mode so you can see what files will be uploaded/downloaded/deleted. As you review the list, you can unmark/mark files. After you set up a profile, I recommend that you use "Files Preview" rather than "Synchronization" for the first time. That way you'll be sure that the program is about to do what you expect. After you're sure everything works as expected, use "Synchronization" from then on.

If you configure the synchronization rules to just do downloading (no uploading), then you can use Site Publisher to make a mirror or backup copy of a website on a regular basis.

Site Publisher also has a built-in scheduler so you can schedule profiles to be run at specified intervals, ranging from every minute to quarterly.

And it uploads/downloads fast. Faster than my standard FTP program.

So if you manage a large website and are looking for a way to speed up uploading/downloading, have a look at Site Publisher. I recommend it.