How to Monitor Your Website Traffic

Understanding how people are getting to your website and knowing what they are looking at once they are at your website is crucial to improving your online marketing efforts.

By using website analytic tools, you can determine the effectiveness of your various online campaigns.

One such website analytic tool is Google Analytics from Google.com. Once installed, this free tool provides you with important website statistics such as:
  • how many visitors per day to your website
  • what keywords were used to find your website
  • how long visitors stayed on your website
  • which pages are more popular on your website
  • effectiveness of your Google AdWords ads
  • what pages visited first saw
  • what links in your website were clicked
Adding Google Analytics to your website involves signing up at http://www.google.com/analytics and then copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code into all your webpages (or pasting once into your common header file). If your website is based on WordPress, install and configure the Google Analyticator plugin. Once installed, wait at least 24 hours for some data to be collected.

Once you have Google Analytics installed, you can gain a better understanding of the behaviour of visitors to your website. And once you have that understanding, you can go about improving your website content and improving your online marketing campaigns.


DySE::BettyMills v11.08.22 (BettyMills.com script)

This upgrade is mandatory. You must upgrade to this version. Previous versions of the make.pl script will not download the datafeed file.

Revisions Summary:
  • BettyMills.com datafeed file is now password protected. This new make.pl is able to download it.
Download dyse-bettymills-110822.zip file from:

More info: DySE::BettyMills


Site Publisher -- FTP Software

If you have a website that has a lot of files, say over 1000 files, you'll want to consider using an FTP synchronization program to upload files.

With a "standard" FTP program, you select what files you want to upload (or download) and specify the destination directory then click the transfer button. This method is time consuming and error prone. You might forget to upload a file that you modified on your hard drive, or you might upload to the wrong directory.

In contrast, you can use an FTP program such as Site Publisher that supports file synchronization. With such a program, you click the Synchronize button and the program compares local files on your hard drive to files on your server. Files and directories that are new or changed are uploaded automatically.

I've been using Site Publisher for several years now to manage some of my larger websites. Saves me a lot of time. I simply edit local HTML files then click the Synchronization button. I know that all changes will be uploaded.

Site Publisher lets you configure a "profile" for each of your websites. In each profile, you specify FTP parameters, directory paths, synchronization rules (e.g.: should new local files be upload? should new remote files be downloaded?), exclusion lists (e.g.: ignore certain file types and directories).

There also a "Files Preview" mode so you can see what files will be uploaded/downloaded/deleted. As you review the list, you can unmark/mark files. After you set up a profile, I recommend that you use "Files Preview" rather than "Synchronization" for the first time. That way you'll be sure that the program is about to do what you expect. After you're sure everything works as expected, use "Synchronization" from then on.

If you configure the synchronization rules to just do downloading (no uploading), then you can use Site Publisher to make a mirror or backup copy of a website on a regular basis.

Site Publisher also has a built-in scheduler so you can schedule profiles to be run at specified intervals, ranging from every minute to quarterly.

And it uploads/downloads fast. Faster than my standard FTP program.

So if you manage a large website and are looking for a way to speed up uploading/downloading, have a look at Site Publisher. I recommend it.


ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

Whether you are just starting out in affiliate marketing or you are a veteran, one of the best things you can do is get together with other affiliate marketers.

Learn from them, bounce ideas off of them, ask them for help, and help others.

And one of the best places to do that online is at the ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum. It has been around for many years now (since at least 2005) and has a very good reputation.

ABestWeb is the world's largest Affiliate Marketing forum with 68,000+ members and 123,000+ discussions. Affiliate marketers -— from newbie to experts -— come to ABW to learn and earn more by sharing information about networks, merchants and best practices.

ABestWeb is organized into various categories of sub-forums, including:
  • Affiliate Marketing News & Events:
    New Program Announcements & Paid Ads, Affiliate Tax Laws, Affiliate Marketing Events and Gatherings, AffiliateVoice.

  • Affiliate Lounge:
    Midnight Cafe', Introduce Yourself, Webmasters Barter / Trade / Buy or Sell, ...

  • ABestWeb Affiliate Academy:
    AffiliateABCs.com, Affiliate Legal Lounge, Affiliate Marketing Business Issues, Affiliate Marketing Power Tools, Analytics and Actionable Intelligence, Blogging, Couponer's Corner, Domains & Hosting, Driving Traffic, Effective Advertising, Helpful Articles, Newbie FAQs, Newsletters, ParasiteWare, Programming / Datafeeds / Tools, Search Engine Insight, Spam, Test Purchase Reports, Worldwide Affiliate Marketing

  • Networks and Merchants:
    Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare, ShareASale, AffiliateFuture, AvantLink, buy.at, DirectAgents, In-House Programs.

  • Outsourced Program Managers:
    Andy Rodriguez Consulting, TeamLoxly, ...

  • Affiliate Manager Forums
We have our own forum at ABestWeb. Check it out:
Cusimano.com Scripts

Keyword Tools

Whether you're targeting Google AdWords, Google AdSense, SEO, or search engine marketing, the selection and optimization of keywords needs to be a part of your website marketing strategy.

Here are a few useful keyword tools to help with researching keywords: If you are serious about doing keyword research then look at using a professional keyword tool:

Twitter Apps & Sites

Here are some useful Twitter related apps and websites:


Premium Wordpress Theme for Niche Marketing

If you want want to set up a niche website, one of the easiest ways to do that is to use WordPress. But the themes that come with WordPress are standard. You need a theme that is geared specifically for niche website and internet marketing.

Joel Comm, the author of Adsense Secrets, has developed ...

Socrates WordPress Theme ...

an easily customizable WordPress theme developed for niche websites. It can be setup in minutes ...

Watch the video

It's very easy to use and includes an amazing amount of functionality.

Some of the features include:
  • Custom Header Design System
  • 1000’s of Design Combinations
  • 160+ Niche Headers
  • 50+ Backgrounds or Upload Your Own
  • Create Custom Headers On The Fly!
  • Multiple Layout Design
  • Built in Clickbank Monetization
  • Built in Social Media Slider
  • Wordpress Tutorials and Training
  • Internet Marketing Training videos
  • Integrated Affiliate Links for Theme, earn 50%
With Socrates, not only can you control all the links on the primary navigation bar, but there are also give you three optional navbars. At the top right, bottom left and bottom right.

There’s an optional “Ad Bar” which allows users to insert a 728x90 Ad Unit above your content.

There is also a “custom html” section where more ad units, optin boxes, or any html code can be added.

It comes preloaded with 50+ backgrounds that you can pick from or you can upload your own.

You can very easily customize the header too. Pick from over 160 niche header design graphics, and add your site title and description over the graphic at any size and position.

Multiple layout design are available. You can choose left sidebar, right sidebar, and split sidebar designs with either 150px width or 300px width.

Go check this out. Watch the brief video for an overview of the Socrates Theme ...

Socrates WordPress Theme video